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New service has a long and wide experience in Communication and VET sectors in Italy. New Service has a long and wide experience in Communication and VET sectors in Italy. New Service was established in 1998 as private company specialized in integrated communication services, events organization and vocational and educational training. New Service has a good expertise in project management, monitoring and evaluation, organization of events in the field of culture, tourism, marketing as well as VET course on national and international level. In the Sector of Agriculture and Food New service deal with the main consortium of manufacturers of product with the European certification of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

Today New Service has six operating areas:

  • VET area, Specialized in Medical Doctors’ congress and courses
  • Evens Organizations Area
  • VET financed by ESF (European Social Funds) and Italian Government funds
  • Graphic and Design Area
  • Multimedia Area (web site, audio-video, etc.);
  • Communication Area.

In particular, services offered in VET area are:

  • Planning VET courses;
  • Monitoring of all the activities related;
  • Management;
  • Placement and reporting.

New service has a long and wide experience in Communication (digital and traditional marketing, campaigning, design, etc.) and VET sectors in Italy. Now we would like to join the same sector at an international level, working with European partner, exchanging good practices. The company would like to build strategic partnership in order to increase its know how and joining Europe.  Thanks to its expertise in Marketing and Communication, private and public one, New service could be a good partner for Impact and Dissemination activities. 



Project manager, communication officer and fundraiser, she works as free lance in different fields of Marketing and Communication at national and international level since 2005. She has a degree in Media studies. She worked in Rome for 8 years where attends a Master in Fundraising.

She has experience in:

  • Erasmus+ Strategic partnership project;
  • “Paraskills competition”n. 2014-1-NL01-KA204-001215;
  • “Flipped classroom”cod.15-204-012651;
  • “RED Reinforce European Digital, Literacy and numeracy skills” n.2017-1-NL01-KA204-035204.


Legal representative of New Service: she is Human Resources Manager, Administrator and Public Relator for institutional affairs. She has INA degree in Political Science Studies and one in Communication and Media studies. In her career, she deal with training managerial staff, public and private communication and press release.

She worked as:

  • Communicator for Italian Air Force
  • Ernst & Young
  • Foundation of Tv Show
  • Higher Institute of Photography.


Office Manager and Graphic Designer of New Service. Since 1996 she takes care of the graphic sector of the company. She has a particular high knowledge of digital printing systems. She deal with management and processing data through different software.

She has been involved in visual communication for private companies in the tourism, food, agriculture, services and public sectors.




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